F-16C Fighting Falcon

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F-16C Fighting Falcon

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F-16C Fighting Falcon

The F-16 "family" of Multirole Fighters is one of the most famous and recognizable military aircraft "families" of all time.
Being adopted by many air forces around the world and long praised by the military as one of the best combat planes, the F-16 has gained an outstanding reputation.
These Multirole Fighters managed to be on "top shape" with recurring upgrades (officially designated as "Block" upgrades) resulting in some of the most technologically-equipped fighters of their time).

TAOW's F-16 version is the F-16C, this particular variant is a single seat version and is also an improvement of the F-16A, it will be equipped according to Block 50/52's standards.
Since it is a multirole fighter it will be able to engage and neutralize any kind of target (aerial or ground-based).


Close Range Air-to-Air Missiles
M61A1 Vulcan Gatling Gun
AIM-9X Sidewinder
Mk 82 (Mark 82) General Purpose Bombs (GPB's)
20mm (0.787 in)


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