TAOW is back and with bang

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TAOW is back and with bang

Post  Marc15yo [Admin] on Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:58 pm

Hello everyone. You read the news right. THE MOD IS BACK and on a roll again. If you weren't keeping up with the news of the mod, the mod went into a "sleep" mode almost a year ago. College, Personal Life etc got in the way and putting up with the CNC3 engine's limitations constantly 'demotivated' me to continue working on the mod. Especially since I'm the only one in the entire team who actually did the work on the mod itself. So I put the mod in sleep mode.

But I'm back and I am super determined to finish this mod. No more excuses I will be devoting ALL my free time to TAOW's successful development.
I also opened the OFFICIAL DEVELOPMENT BLOG where I show you all and everything that goes on behind the scenes.
Dev Blog: http://taow.simulationboard.com/f57-developer-s-blog

During this period of hibernation, I've learned a lot of new skills. I've sharpened my modeling/texturing/animation skills. I've picked up some C++ and plan to take the art of war mod out of the 'mod zone' and into the 'game zone' in the future. Above all I've mastered the CNC3 engine 100%. Not to brag or anything but I can't think of anyone in the CNC community who is as flexible as I am in terms of skillset.

Alright I'm clearly talking out of my butt, but to those people that are able to mod and/or have very useful skills (keyword useful) please hit me up via PM on the forums or via email/msn. "marc15yo@hotmail.com". - There is only so much one man can do.

And banging news wouldn't be so banging without a some WIP screenshots. BEHOLD:

- 3d treads and wheels, fully animated. This will be for ALL vehicles.

-Abrams received countless upgrades in detail model wise and texture wise. Trying to stay as 100% accurate.

-Newest addition (finished it yesterday although it took weeks) M109A6. More on the coding,modeling and simulation and everything else in the dev blog.

- New map "Combat Town". A "Tactical" size map with features such as deep woods 2 hills, a small artificial MOUT Village, and of course an artificial town comprised of more MOUT buildings. This map will be released with the Public Alpha/Demo. It will focus mainly on engaging the player in both woodland warfare and urban warfare. It's based off of common MOUT training facilities used around the world.

That's it for now. I have thousands more to show but small steps at a time. First step get the speed of the project moving. Every development can be found in the development blog here:


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