9/22/2011 - New M1114 model (Image heavy)

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9/22/2011 - New M1114 model (Image heavy)

Post  Marc15yo [Admin] on Thu Sep 22, 2011 5:26 am

Hey everyone, back again. Today I want to show you what I've been working on for 3 days. A completely new and accurate M1114 model to replace the outdated old low quality model. The hardest part of this model was getting it to be accurate. With so many variants of the m1114 with different turret mounts, doors, armor etc It took a while to figure out.

For most of the process it was simply a matter of scrapping the old low quality model parts and adding in more detail. You probably have seen the old model in the old renders/screenies somewhere around the forums. Just to give people a glimpse of my style of work i decided to take random screenies of the desktop with fraps as I worked.

This was the base model with about 80% uv mapped.

Here are random commented screenshots i put together:

(right click each image and hit "view image" to see full size 1080p)
less picturess = less time for me to waste uploading TEHE :p

Modeling is pretty self-explanatory. You create objects in a 3d environment, then use the tools/techniques that are available to achieve what you want. If a professional 3d modeller saw me model, he would probably laugh at me. I self-taught myself how to model and the way I get to the end result is probably foreign to most people. But hey that's how I learned.

3 DAYS WORTH OF WORK LATER . . . . . . .

Anyways here is the final product rendered with light tracer (using a skylight):

I've already got all the other variants done for the old model, Its now just a matter of transferring the weapons/gear etc and upgrading everything. I also have to work on woodland,green, and snow textures for the Humvee. Once I'm done with that I will move on creating the m1151's. Anyways this marc singing out peace <


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