10/1/2011 - Mk.23 MTVR

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10/1/2011 - Mk.23 MTVR

Post  Marc15yo [Admin] on Sat Oct 01, 2011 8:29 am

Hey everyone, this week I had some seriously slow progress. The reason behind this is that I'm taking a new medicine that makes me sleepy as Screw . Everytime I wake up I feel like I haven't gone to sleep yet. So staying on the computer trying to finish this model was a pain in the butt considering I had to nap every 40 minutes. But I'm doing much better now.

Here is the final model:

And a WIP preview of the up-armored variant. This version will also have a 50Cal turret at the top. But I still have to do a lot of texture work etc.

Here is some WIP screenies for you learning noobs out there:


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